LeBron is Clappin back

LeBron James has finally decided not to take the high road for once. James has been getting bashed by NBA anaylist throughout his whole career. Usually LeBron barely responds to remarks made about him, but he says he is tired of it. Charles Barkley has always been super critical of Lebron and this time he pushed the king a little too far.  Barkley made some comments about Lebron while co hosting on TNT’s “Inside the NBA”.

Barkley called James “whiny” and “inappropriate” refering to the comments James made earlier this month. Lebron made some comments to the press after a string of loss games. Basically saying that the team needs another “playmaker” to have a chance at returning to the finals and winning again. Barkley feels like Lebron has everything he needs to repeat.  Barkely states, “The Cleveland Cavaliers, they have given him everything he wanted. They have the highest payroll in NBA history. He wanted J.R. Smith last summer, they paid him. He wanted [Iman] Shumpert last summer. They brought in Kyle Korver. He’s the best player in the world. Does he want all of the good players? He don’t want to compete? He is an amazing player. They’re the defending champs.” Want more on this argument? Go to http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/18591231/angry-lebron-sounding-off